The vines as a starting point for our creativity


Courteron, with its one hundred inhabitants, is one of the 64 communes that make up the Côte des Bar Champagne appellation. It is a quaint, picturesque village and has been home to the DUBREUIL family since the fourteenth century.
The breathtakingly beautiful landscape is dotted with cadoles – small round dry-stone huts used in previous times as shelters for the vineyard workers. A testimony to living history.

This is Pinot Noir terrain with steep landscapes and Kimmeridgian soils of limestone, marl and clay cleaved by the gently flowing Seine.  

Parcelles Haute Valeur Environnementale

Our vineyard of 6 hectares, divided into around twenty parcels, spread along the slopes of the Seine and the villages of Courteron, Plaines-Saint-Lange, Gyé-sur-Seine, Neuville-sur-Seine et Buxeuil.

The family owns twenty parcels with meaningful place names such as : La Commelle, La Lampe, Les Ensinges, Valgré, Pousseloup, Evallons etc.

Vineyards tended to with care, using integrated farming practices for minimal intervention with particular attention given to preserve the balance of nature. Chardonnay is precious for our blends and accounts for a quarter of our vines. Claire and Alain COTTET base their practices on careful observation of their vineyards.
The estate is certified High Environmental Value. 

Traditional vinification at low temperatures helps preserve the aromas. The art of blending champagne is a family affair with everyone taking an active part.

Bicentennial vaulted cellars ensure optimal ageing (at 10-12°C) and enable our wines to express their full aromatic complexity.
Our “brut classiques” are aged for 3 years and our “bruts Millésimés & Grandes Cuvées” take 5 to 7 years and sometimes even longer, to age to perfection.



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