Vineyards – our heart & soul

Creating Champagnes since 1985


Our philosophy stems from a unique blend of human values and the inspirational beauty of our domain. Ours is an elegant and aerial universe of ancestral cellars and contemporary space. The alchemy of the virile ruggedness of our terroir and the light femininity of creation.


From a very young age, Claire COTTET spent her time in the vineyards and this sparked a lifelong passion. She studied viticulture and wine making and made it her career.

With an impressive track record, know-how and skills gleaned from her parents and from her experience in vineyards across the globe, Claire follows the family tradition, adding her personal touch of earthiness and modernity, of attachment and determination, taking on the challenge of blending ancestral skills and knowledge with innovative creativity.


  The DUBREUIL family have made wine passionately for generations.

The present owners of the domaine met when Alain COTTET, a Parisian botanist, fell in love with both the beautiful Seine Valley and Claudie DUBREUIL, the equally beautiful daughter of one of the oldest families in Courteron.

The couple worked with passion and commitment – and in 1985, decided to create their own brand with their two surnames : COTTET-DUBREUIL. 

This passion lives on and today, with their daughter Claire.


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