We share with our community a common passion for our vocation as well as common values and respect for our heritage. We are committed to working together to evolve constantly and achieve excellence.

CapC_2021_UK. We work with other winegrowers in the Côte des Bar, Montgueux and Villenauxe-la-Grande to promote Champagne, the winegrowing skills of the region and our heritage. These are the aims of the CAP’C  (Association for the promotion of Champagne) of which we have been active members since 1996.
. We have participated in organising events such as :  la Route du Champagne en Fête and Champagne Day.


| WINE TOURISM : the “Vignobles & Découvertes” and “La Champagne – Refined Art de vivre labels”Refined_2021_UK. The COTTET-DUBREUIL House is part of the network of cellars and vineyards for the promotion of wine tourism in the area.
. Since 2012, our cellar has been quality certified by the Department of Aube Tourism Committee.
. Since 2019, we are also part of the network: “La Champagne, refined art de vivre”.


| SOLIDARITY AND TRADITION : the Committee of Saint Vincent de Buxeuil, Neuville-sur-Seine, Gyé-sur-Seine and Courteron

. We are members of this committee, organising local events to promote the Seine Valley.
. In 2019, Jean-Pierre COTTET-DUBREUIL, the goldsmith of the family, created the procession stick. More


| THE COLLECTIVE : Aube Chamber of Agriculture & the Winegrowers’ Union (SGV)

. As representative for the Champagne winegrowers’ Union in the Aube Chamber of Agriculture, Claudie COTTET plays an active role in representing and defending the winegrowers.
. Her daughter Claire COTTET is vice-president of the Courteron section of the SGV.


|INNOVATION & IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY : The Association of Champagne Winegrowers (AVC)

. The AVC is a venerable institution in the Champagne region. It was founded in 1899 at the time of the phylloxera crisis.
. Claire COTTET is the contact for the technical and environmental division for the Champagne Commitee. Her role is to survey the vineyards and promote new practices in Courteron.

| IMAGE AND EXCELLENCE: Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars (Mission Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne) as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

. The Champagne region has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since July 2015. We take pride in our role as ambassadors of our region and heritage, and participate fully in promotional events and activities.



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